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News & Updates February 2020

Parish Precept

The Parish Council is funded entirely from the Parish Precept. This money is collected by Doncaster Council on behalf of the Council and is used for the benefit of Auckley residents. The Precept for the 2020/2021 financial year was the sum of £40,000.

Contacting the Police

You can ring South Yorkshire Police on 999 if a crime is in progress, or the non-emergency number 101 to report any information. Alternately, you can ring ‘Crimestoppers’ anonymously 24 hours a day on: 0800 555 111. You can also report any incidents on line to South Yorkshire Police on: as, in some cases, getting through on 101 can take a significant time, whereas reporting it on line can be quicker.

Riverside Park

Three firms tendered to undertake grounds maintenance of the park during 2020/2021, and Glendale Countryside was successful.

Alternative Venues for Parish Council Meetings

Enquiries are continuing to find a suitable venue in order to hold some meetings in the Hurst Lane/Hayfield Lane are but unfortunately, at the moment, no alternative premises have been found. Any suggestions from residents would be greatly appreciated.

Mosham Road B1396/Hurst Lane Junction

Work has been ongoing since July on the new traffic signal control system at the junction (known locally as Lidgett Crossroads). Traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing are due to be installed.

Remembrance Wreath

Council is to give a donation to the Royal British Legion. This will provide a poppy wreath to be laid at the Blaxton War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday, with the remainder going to support the valuable work undertaken by the organisation.

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