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News & Updates February 2021

Parish Precept

The Parish Precept is the money collected by DMBC on behalf of the Council and used for the benefit of Auckley residents. The Precept for the 2021/2022 financial year has not been increased and remains at £40,000.

Coronavirus Vaccination

The vaccination programme is now underway and injections are currently being administered at several locations in the Doncaster area. Patients will be contacted by their local G. P. Surgery, when they are due to be vaccinated, and given a date, time and venue.

Highway Cameras

The Parish Council is investigating the possibility of providing safety cameras at certain locations on the highway to hopefully play a part in reducing crime.

New Signalled Crossing at the Main Street/Hurst Lane Junction

Thankfully the main road works at the junction have now been completed, and new lights are in situ. However, the lights are still waiting to be connected, and therefore temporary lights are being used.

New Equipment Planned for Riverside Park

Council plans to install two picnic tables/benches at Riverside Park in the children’s play area. In addition, a defibrillator will be attached to the outer wall of the sports pavilion facing the car park for easy access.

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