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Auckley Neighbourhood Plan

The Auckley Neighbourhood Plan is currently out to public consultation until 28th August 2021. The Neighbourhood Plan is an important local document that details new housing growth, supports local services and facilities and protects areas of land from development. It has been put together by a group of local residents based on information from the community through surveys and consultation feedback. Once finalised, it will be used to determine planning applications within the Neighbourhood Plan area. The Plan covers Auckley and Hayfield Green and we need your comments so we can finalise the plan and then submit it to DMBC for its inspection. Members of the Neighbourhood Plan Group will be at the Auckley Show on the 21st August where we would encourage you to come and have a look at the documents and make your comments.

Alternatively, the Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents can be viewed at:
You can submit your comments via email, letter or through social media such as Facebook with all the details of how to do so on the website address above.

New Hayfield Park

This venue is proving to be a popular place with all age groups where friends can site and meet on the field or play football and netball within the multi-games area (MUGA). There are some problems relating to litter and anti-social behaviour which Council is endeavouring to resolve.

Speeding Traffic

Following recent complaints regarding speeding traffic on Main Street, South Yorkshire Police have been informed and the local Police Inspector advises that the operation of speed cameras will now be resumed, following the completion of road works at the Mosham Road/Hurst Lane Junction.

Riverside Park

Two picnic benches with seats have now been installed at the park and will be welcome for anyone wishing to have a ‘picnic in the park’, and provide parents with somewhere to sit whilst supervising their children using the play equipment.

Meetings at School

Council wishes to thank Auckley School, including the Caretaker, for opening up the building to allow the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan Group to hold some of their meetings. This is greatly appreciated.


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