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Auckley Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Since 2018, Auckley Parish Council and residents have been preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parished area of Auckley. The Neighbourhood Plan is a planning policy document that once completed this year will carry significant weight when planning applications are determined by DMBC. The plan has been prepared in accordance with national legislation and consultation with the community. The Plan covers a number of topics such as housing, the environment, our heritage and the wider landscape.

A number of documents have been produced by the Parish Council and these have been examined by an independent Government examiner. A referendum was held on 20th April 2023 on the Auckley Neighbourhood Plan. Local residents were asked whether they wanted the plan to be used by Doncaster Council for planning decision making in the neighbourhood area. As a result of the referendum, Doncaster Council formally adopted the Neighbourhood Plan for Auckley on the 19th of May 2023.


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