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News & Updates June 2021

Election of Chairman

Mrs. Jennifer Worthington was elected Chairman of the Parish Council at the Annual Meeting held on 12th May 2021

Election of Vice Chairman

Mr. Stephen Featherstone was elected Vice Chairman of the Council at the Annual Meeting.

Riverside Park

Two picnic tables with benches are due to be installed on the park in the next few weeks. These will provide welcome seating for parents whilst their children are exploring the play equipment, and anyone wishing to have a picnic.

Following heavy persistent rainfall during the winter, the area of the park nearest to River Way became flooded, and pedestrian access to the park from River Way and Main Street was not possible for some time. Now that the water has subsided, Council is obtaining quotations for drainage work to be undertaken in order to prevent further flooding problems.

New Hayfield Recreation Park

Football posts have now been installed on the football field, giving footballers the choice of playing on the field or inside the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA).

The majority of dog owners are responsible people who use the containers provided for disposal of dog waste, however, a minority have been depositing plastic bags of dog excreta on the ground close to the new litter bin, recently placed on the field. Council would be grateful if residents could use the red ‘Dog Waste’ container on the children’s play area for the disposal of this material.

Fly Tipping

Dumping of rubbish continues to be a problem at the far end of Common Lane where the lane branches off to the right towards the A614 Thorne Road. Council wishes to thank members of the public who kindly took part in recent litter picking at Common Lane and other areas of the Parish. Your efforts to keep the place tidy and litter free are greatly appreciated.

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